Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

I guess I should get my butt off this chair and start packing. I am aiming for packing up my bathroom stuff. I have a huge cabinet under my sinks and it is loaded with soaps and lotions, etc. As graceful as I am, I dropped my electric rollers and the clips to hold them in are all over the bottom of the cabinet. When God gave out grace I thought he said face and I told him I already had one.

It is suppose to be another hot one today. Think I will make sure I stay in the house. I picked up what I needed from the grocery store last night. My neighbor took me out to dinner, we went to Sonny's BBQ. It was great as usual. Then we went to WalMart. I picked up dog food because I knew if I ran out of food I would be missing an appendage when I woke up. As we know I don't run the house I am just allowed to be a servant here. Sterling is laying by my feet right now almost like a dog. That is a miracle in itself.

Tiki is sleeping on the back of the couch. He thinks he's a cat and my cat thinks she's a dog. My house is all messed up. The cat comes when called and speaks when you tell her to. LOL My dogs take a message and get back to me. If they had opposible thumbs I think they might throw me out. But I think they enjoy having me as a pet.

Will keep you updated on my progress throughout the day hopefully I will get somewhere today. Boxes boxes everywhere and not a bit of room to move.

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