Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well I only have a small amount of packing left to do. I can't say I am really doing it quickly. I have this damn infection and it hurts like hell. I am having a hard time moving my ass. I am, however, blowing out my eardrums. I have to go to WalMart. Maybe I could take my own people of WalMart picture.

I am listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Right now. It's only good when it's really loud. Of course I have a real thing for Godsmack and Sully Erna. Damien  Cripps Band is on now. You should look them up they are really good, they are from Australia. I have such a mixed collection on ITunes I have a little of everything from classical to rock and everything in between.

Did anyone watch the MTV movie awards the other night. I love the kiss that Rob planted on Taylor I laughed my ass off. Ohh My Chemical Romance good shit. I though Kristen looked like she hadn't brushed her hair in a week though. I like Nina Dobrev better anyway. I am a huge Vampire Diaries fan. Oh don't go hating on the age thing. I refuse to grow up. I don't want to and I don't have  to. I just have to age. Remember you have to grow older but you can stay immature forever. LOL.

I am now listening to Father of Mine, Everclear, reminds me of my father (bastard) Wish he would read my blog I have so much hate and anger towards him I don't think I will get over it until I am sure he is dead. I will of course send a dozen black roses to his funeral. Black roses for a black hearted bastard.

Oh have to go watch my soap The Young and the Restless. My neighbor got me into watching it. LOL It's all her fault. Peace out.

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