Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have to share

I talked to my daughter earlier and she was telling me a friend of her's is going to give her a baby shower. My 4 year old granddaughter Bri'onna said no the baby has to have a baby bath because she doesn't like showers. Needless to say I think I snorted on that one. I had tears running down my face. The things that come out of her mouth, she is just like her mother Kelly always said exactly what she was thinking too. They both are missing that filter between the brain and the mouth. Kids say the damnedest things. 

Bri is very smart. She has been able to use a camera since she was 2 and by 3 she was able to play video games and turn on a computer and use a mouse. I told Kelly she better make sure Bri doesn't learn of plutonium as she may end up with a nuclear weapon in her living room one day.

Oh, and by the way I am asking everyone I know if they are wearing hats so that their brains don't freeze. Believe me that got quite a few chuckles from family and friends. So make sure you have yours on hate to see your brain freeze and you end up in a coma.

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