Sunday, May 8, 2011

5.8.11 Mother's Day

Well guess I will take myself out to dinner. Nothing fancy just a diner. I figure I deserve it. Seeing as my dogs can't go in the restaurant and my kids are too far away I'll just take myself out to dinner. I also got 2 shirts for Mother's day of course I bought them for me. I pretended they were from the dogs and the cat. Isn't that sweet of them.

Well that has been the excitement of my day. My son called me and I am sure my daughter is working  so I will hear from her later. If I go to the diner I can read while I wait for my dinner to come. I'm reading Twilight. I saw the movies but never read the books so I will be a little bass ackwards.

Well of to dinner someone has to feed me.

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