Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You've have to read this to believe it

My cousin has been very sick. He wasn't feeling well and his brother, Kenny, took him to the hospital. Well within a couple of hours Bobby was in a coma. This was at least a month ago. They doctors have not been  able to figure out what happened and even with him coming out of the coma now they still have no idea what made him go into one.

My Aunt J who lives in the Florida Keys says she knows exactly what happened. She said Bobby's hair is thinning on the top and because Bobby lives in New Jersey and the weather gets very cold there, and Bobby never wears a hat she thinks his brain froze. My aunt is 86 years old and truly believes this could happen. She says all people who live where it gets cold are always sick because cold air makes you sick.

This includes air conditioning and fans. That's why I have rheumatoid arthritis and asthma because here in Florida I use my ceiling fans. I have to admit I laughed my ass off. I tried to talk to her without laughing after that but it was as hard as a vampire refusing blood. LOL

Well I think my Kindle is getting lonely so I guess I should go spend some time with it. It is brand new so it will get lonely quickly. I have a brand new one because my dog, Sterling, broke my other one. Thank God I could transfer all of my purchases to the new one. I would have died as I have about 35 books on there now. Especially the Twilight books that I have not read yet. I have only seen the movies except the last book.

So I am  going to sit under my fan now and hope my brain doesn't freeze. LOL

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