Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let's get this straight

Last time I bought crickets for Billie Joe I had to buy large crickets. The difference between large and small is that the large ones are full grown and make their little crickets chirps. The small ones are really quiet, no noise at all. My damn living sounded like a rain forest with the large ones. They were driving me crazy and that is a very short drive for me.

Well there were a couple of large ones in this batch of small ones I bought this time and now I still am listening to the crickets. I wonder if anyone has ever dug their ears out from the noise? Speaking of digging ears out, I was down in the Keys by my aunt and I accidentally saw her neighbor getting out of his shower, I swore to God my eyes were going to be burned out, or at least wished they would be.

Today Sterling goes to get a bath. Boy does she need it. I have enough hair on my floor to actually make another dog. And if you think that is bad you should see the back seat of my car. I think there is a collie growing back there.

So I took Sterling to the groomers. I am firm believer that people over 75 should not drive. Then they aggravate you and then stick this wrinkled old sausage finger out the window and I'm suppose to take that seriously. I used to think New Yorkers were the worst drivers in the world. I take that back. Ohio, Michigan, and Canadians are the worst. Did you ever want to take them out of the car and run them over. I hear in South Carolina it's legal as long as you leave the body on the side of the road so it can be picked up properly. I used to tell my kids that and they would behave all the way from NJ to FL. Oh the things kids will believe.

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