Monday, May 30, 2011

What a busy week ahead

Wow, I had a great Sunday. I went over an old friends house and we went to a Greek restaurant for dinner. I love Greek food. We had a great time just talking and doing what old friends do. After I move I sure am going to miss her.I am hoping to be able to meet a friend of mine, Maryann (more like a second mom)  for dinner next Saturday and Sunday meet Carmen for lunch. On Friday I am meeting another friend of mine, Janet, for lunch. Yes a busy week. I mat even be able to meet Michele for dinner this week. I need to see my friends before I leave God's waiting room. I also hope to see Jade and baby Audry before I go. Jade is my best friend.

The sun is shining today and of course it's going to be another hot steamy day. Of course I am moving to Virginia in a couple of weeks and their weather is mirroring ours here in Florida. I hate hot weather. I seldom leave the house when it's hot out. I swell really bad in the heat which makes my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)feel even worse. I also found out I have osteoarthritis between my should blades. Boy is that painful. I can't help but to dwell on the pain because all of this packing is really getting to me. I spend half my time stoned with Oxycontin.

I am going to my last infusion on the 16th of June. I don't know when I will be able to get another one and I'll be damned but I think it was finally starting to work. I know my hips and my shoulders are starting to feel better. The Orencia isn't helping the Psoriasis but that's okay. I was more worried about the pain then my elbows and ankles. The Remicade worked better but I can't take that because of the possibility of my having Multiple sclerosis. My health really sucks. I was afraid of dying down here in Florida without my family being around me, at least up in Virginia I'll have family around me when I get old. I just realized I forgot to take my Methotrexate injection yesterday, I have to remember to do it today.

I will be right by my daughter Kelly and my granddaughter Bri'onna and the new little one coming soon. I held my best friends baby a couple of weeks ago, I found it very hard because of the osteoarthritis to hold the baby. I hope this doesn't happen with the little one. Bri'onna is four no need to pick her up anymore. Bri'onna is so smart she knows how to dial my phone number and leave a message on my voice mail. Gotta love these little these days, they are so smart.

I feel like this week is going to be very busy which means I have to get my ass moving packing. I get so tired packing then I have to take a pain pill then lay down early for the night. Which is okay I have no where to go today anyway. I need a new battery and an oil change but I am not sure if WalMart is even open today so I will wait until tomorrow. Have to get the car ready for the trip up to Virginia.

Guess I will sign off for now and go start packing something anyway, maybe under my bathroom sink. That will be half a days job all in itself. I have a huge sink area in my master bedroom bathroom. Have a blessed day my friends.

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