Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have decided I have to quit watching horror movies. Last night I had a dream about a werewolf. Of course, if I stop watching horror movies I won't watch any movies at all. I am the worlds biggest horror movie fan. I am a big fan of vampire movies especially. I have been a fan since I watched my first vampire movie with Bela Lugosi.

I know this sounds strange but I hate comedies. Well Pirates of the Caribbean movies are pretty good. But, for the most part I do not like comedies especially romantic comedies. I also hate romance movies. I know I am not a normal girl. I like action movies where things get blown up or there is a lot of shooting. Guess I have an underlying violent streak. Okay, maybe not so underlying. LOL

Body of Lies was one of my favorite movies. I love Ghostbusters but that is for a very specific reason. My son when he was little made me play that movie over and over again. He would run around the house yelling Gobuthters. LOL He had every Ghostbusters toy on the market. So of course I think of him when I see that movie.

I love big animal eats people movies too. My mother and I used to spend weekends watching those kind of movies. I love the movie Beast by Peter Benchley. That movie was awesome. I love blood and guts. So strange for a woman. Huh? I also know a lot about cars and am an excellent plumber and lawn mower repair person. To look at me I look like a girlie girl though, and I hate girlie girls. Go figure.

My favorite TV shows are Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Ghost Hunters. What a surprise. This fall following Vampire Diaries is a new show about witches. Will have to watch that one too. I watched Teen Wolf on MTV last week, not a bad show, it looks like it might get more interesting as the season progresses. Oh and don't forget the Twilight movies they are great an so are the books. As a surprise to you horror books are what I read most except for James Patterson, and he writes action thrillers. No love stories there. I like the Alex Cross novels.

Time to get on with my day. I don't have all  that much more to pack. Thank God. Guess I'll go and be almost finished except for the stuff I use almost everyday. Have a great day and blessed be.

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